Why Choose HRG?

Himalaya Rudraksh & Gems Testing Lab works in many different ways with many different customers in many different places.

As an rudraksh and gem testing company we choose to work flexibly and collaboratively in long-term relationships wherever possible, to maximize the mutual understanding with our clients and knowing their requirements what they exactly want for their business.

Indeed, many our products and services have been developed working is close collaboration with leading customers in the field.

Quality Assurance:
When you buy gemstones and jewelry from Himalaya Rudraksh, you buy with confidence. Every piece of gemstones we offer is the best possible quality for the price. Many of our products are independently certified by the prestigious govt reg. gem testing and diamond gradation lab report all carry the guarantee of quality and satisfaction. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we welcome you to return it to us.

Certified Quality:
We stand behind the quality and authenticity of every gemstone & diamond we sell. That's why some of our products include certification from respected independent leaders in the gemological industry.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with our services, please mail it to us as per our terms of use policy. Just mail the certification report back. To know more about returns testing services at Himalaya Rudraksh & Gems Testing Lab, please write us at info@hrgcertification.in